Several types of organizations work with HCVF. The first group includes those organizations that are HCVF stakeholders Ц Nature Conservation NGOs and some research institutes. These organizations hold information on HCVF in Russia . According to FSC requirements, consultations with stakeholders are necessary during the forest certification process. The list of HCVF stakeholders in Russia was firstly compiled in October 2005. Later on, in September, 2006, the list was expanded and few more stakeholders were added.

The second group includes National Workgroups for FSC-certification. In Russia, National Workgroup was created in June, 1999. National Workgroup has declared following priority tasks:

  • factual support of the process
  • regional initiatives development
  • coordination of activities for establishing system of voluntary certification according to the FSC standards at the national level
  • creation of normative and legal database for voluntary certification according to FSC standards
  • cooperation with state authorities
  • facilitation of involvement into FSC of new interested parties.

Russian National Framework Forest Stewardship Council Standard was prepared in 2007.

The third type of organizations, embraces audit companies, accredited by the FSC system, and centers for the voluntary forest certification. Among audit companies in Russa, the most active companies are: EuroPartner, GFA, IMO, Nepkon (Smartwood), SGS, SKAL-Control Union , Soil Association. For more information, please, visit: http://www.fsc.ru/russia_05.html

In Russia, the voluntary forest certification is cover by six centers. Their main purposes are information support, legal redress and consulting of the process of voluntary forest certification on regional scale, approbation and adaptation of new solutions in the field of responsible forestry. For more information, please, visit: http://www.fsc.ru/russia_06.html


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